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The 11 Best Leather Hunting Boots Reviews on the Market

leather upland hunting boots

Going on an outdoor adventure, such as hunting or hiking can be seriously impacted by the footwear you have. To enjoy your experience, no matter what activity you choose to do, you need the best leather hunting boots on your feet to meet the different weather conditions or ground surfaces you’ll encounter.

What Is the Best Leather Hunting Boots?

Quick Pick on the Best Leather Hunting Boots

Photo Title Price Buy
Rocky Sport Pro Waterproof 400G Insulated Outdoor Boot Check Latest Price
Columbia Men's Bugaboot III Mid Calf Boot Check Latest Price
Irish Setter Men's 807 Wingshooter 7" Upland Hunting Boot Check Latest Price
Danner mens Sharptail Hunting Shoes, Dark Brown, 9.5 US Check Latest Price
Rocky Men's Bearclaw 3D LTT-M, Brown, 9.5 Medium US Check Latest Price
Ariat Men's Conquest Round Toe 8" GTX 400g Hunting Boot Check Latest Price
Ariat Men's Conquest Round Toe 8" GTX Hunting Boot Check Latest Price
Irish Setter Men's 880 Elk Tracker Waterproof 200 Gram 12" Big Game Hunting Boot Check Latest Price
Timberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot $90.13 Check Latest Price
Irish Setter Men's 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof Check Latest Price
Irish Setter Men's 882 Elk Tracker Waterproof 600 Gram 12" Big Game Hunting Boot Check Latest Price

Benefits of a Good Hunting Boot

When you head out hunting, you never know for sure what the weather conditions will be or exactly what terrain you will have to cross. You need for your feet to be comfortable, warm, but not hot, and have the support they need to get you safely over any ground surface. The boots you put on your feet can increase your enjoyment or completely ruin your trip, so its important to have the right footwear on any hunting adventure.

leather upland hunting boots

A good pair of hunting boots will support your feet and ankles when going over rough terrain. These boots will give you the stability you’ll need when crossing over this ground surface, so you don’t lose your balance and risk serious injury to yourself or damage to your hunting gear. These are some of the top-name hunting boots to choose from for your next adventure.

The 11 Best All Leather Hunting Boots Review

1. Best Leather Hunting Boots – Rocky Sport Pro Insulated Outdoor Boot- 400G

The Rocky Sport Pro Insulated Outdoor Boot brings you an excellent tradition in quality hunting boots. This is a high-quality boot with full-grain brown leather and includes an aggressive dual-density outsole, which is also multi-directional.

You will appreciate its rubberized heel plate that provides added abrasion resistance and the 900-denier nylon, full-grain leather upper. This boot comes with Rocky’s one-year guarantee VP waterproof and 400 grams of Thinsulate by 3M to ensure you stay warm and dry when out on your next hunting adventure.

You’ll enter the woods like a pro with a pair of Rocky Sport Pro Insulated Outdoor Boots on your feet, and enjoy their airport footbed to provide you cushioning and support. In low traction conditions, you will appreciate the heel brake design that will grip and give you control in all types of terrain.


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2. All Leather Hunting Boots – Columbia Men’s Mid-Calf Bugaboot

You don’t have to be a serious outdoorsman to appreciate this dependable pair of winter boots. If you are an advent adventurer of the great outdoors, you will also enjoy what this pair of Columbia Men’s Mid-Calf Bugaboots will bring to your comfort levels as you blaze your trails through the cold and snowy trails.

This pair of tactical boots have been designed to hold up against wet, snowy, and cold weather elements, all while keeping your feet warm and comfortable. They are a super-warm pair of boots featuring 200g insulation along with thermal-reflective liners that have received a rating of -25F/-32C.

Columbia Men’s Mid-Calf Bugaboots are offered in a variety of sizes, and the advanced traction outsoles on each will grip onto any terrain or surface type to provide you complete control of each step. With the superior cushioning built into these boots, you are given maximum impact absorption along with a high-energy return.


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3. Tall Leather Hunting Boots – Irish Setter Men’s 807 Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boot

The Irish Setter Men’s 807 Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boot has been designed with an uninsulated nylon lining. This boot provides you with breathability and excellent warmth. The Irish Setter Upland Hunting Boot offers a full leather upper with a vintage look. You will be reminded of a hunter’s look before the days of camo.

Irish Setter doesn’t consider hunting a hobby, they consider it their calling, and in the last sixty years, they have never lost their focus on creating the best possible boot for your feet while out on your hunting adventures. You will appreciate the construction in this pair of boots that will keep your feet dry and warm the whole time you are in the great outdoors.

The Irish Setter Upland Hunting Boot has a seven-inch lace with full-grain waterproof leather, along with a removable polyurethane footbed. The EVA midsole design of this boot reduces the weight and will give you excellent underfoot cushioning.


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4. Mens Leather Hunting Boots – Danner Men’s Sharptail Shoe for Hunting

The Danner Men’s Sharptail shoe for Hunting brings you the quality you’d expect in a hunting accessory. The performance of these shoes provides you the durability, protection, and support you need while out in the field. This pair of shoes will make your hunting experience memorable with the comfort and warmth you will experience the whole time you are out on your adventure.

Danner pays attention to detail and focuses more on quality than quantity when producing their top-quality footwear. The Men’s Sharptail Shoe features breathable gore-tex lining with an ortholite footbed. Each pair has the rugged hardware needed to give you full support when you need it.

Using proven terra force technology, the Men’s Sharptail Shoe with a waterproof guarantee brings you the comfort you need in footwear while out in the field. The EVA cushioning and triple-density in the open-cell PU OrthoLite footbed will absorb the shock of any terrain you travel across.


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5. Brown Leather Hunting Boots – Rocky Men’s Bearclaw Hunting Boot 3D LTT

The Men’s Rocky Bearclaw Hunting Boot 3D LTT will get through a serious wilderness adventure or a simple hike around the town. This pair of boots feature Gore-Tex, Thinsulate by 3M, and Polartec insulation and waterproofing. No matter if your outing involves sitting in a stand, going to work, or walking through a wooded forest, these are the perfect boot for any lifestyle.

Rocky has designed their boots for hikers, the working men, and women, or hunters, and guarantee you can count on excellent performance while wearing these boots. The shaft of the boot measures to your mid-calf from your arch and is a full-grain leather with a Bearclaw 3D outsole. The rubber sole on the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw Hunting Boot will provide you the traction you’ll need on any terrain or walking surface.


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6. Leather Upland Hunting Boots – Men’s Conquest Round Toe GTX Hunting Boot by Ariat- 400g

The Men’s Conquest Round Toe GTX Hunting Boot features a one-hundred percent leather/textile construction with a rubber sole. The rubber sole will provide you excellent traction over any surface or terrain to give you complete control in each step. The shaft of these boots’ measures about nine inches up from your arch, and it provides a round toe profile.

The footbeds in the Ariat Conquest Round Toe Hunting Boot feature a grove to help keep air circulating, so your feet stay warm and dry. Wearing these boots will keep your feet from sweating while keeping them warm and comfortable.

No matter your intended use, whether for hunting, going to work, or just walking around the town, these boots are perfect. The waterproofing on these boots will protect you from snow and cold, and the lacing provides you a firm non-slipping fit.


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7. Leather Insulated Hunting Boots – Men’s Conquest Round Toe Eight-Inch Boot by Ariat- GTX Hunting Boot

The Men’s Conquest Round Toe Hunting Boot by Ariat is made for the true athlete or hunter. Ariat has designed these boots to be an extremely durable pair of footwear that can easily double as a rugged pair of work boots.

Ariat has a reputation in the footwear industry for bringing innovation and performance to their line of boots, and this pair is no exception to that quality of workmanship. Using advanced technology to give you superior durability, comfort, and stability in each pair, Ariat has created the perfect footwear for any outdoor adventure in any form of terrain or any weather condition.

These boots have been designed with pebbled premium weatherproof leather and include durable nylon, so your feet stay warm, dry, and comfortable the entire time they are on your feet.


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8. Mens Tall Leather Hunting Boots – Irish Setter Men’s Waterproof Elk Tracker 200- Big Game Hunting Boot

The Irish Setter Men’s Waterproof Elk Tracker 200 is considered a big game hunting boot due to its durability, insulation, and fully waterproof exterior. With the Gore-Tex linings and 200g Thinsulate by 3M, your feet are guaranteed to remain warm and dry despite any weather you encounter on your outdoor adventures.

There is an aggressive Bulls-Eye rubber on the outsole to provide you complete control with each step no matter the terrain you cross or the ground surface you walk across. Irish Setter makes it their mission to design quality footwear, and you will appreciate their focus on creating a boot to make your outdoor time memorable and comfortable. The memory EVA insole with ScentBan odor inhibitor will keep your feet refreshed the whole time they are on your feet.

No matter what weather conditions greet you in the great outdoors, the comfort of your feet will never be a reason for heading back indoors. Your feet will remain warm, dry, and comfortable through any outdoor event you engage in.


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9. Waterproof Leather Hunting Boots – Men’s White Ledge Mid-Ankle Waterproof Boot from Timberland

The Men’s White Ledge Mid-Ankle Waterproof Boot from Timberland will help you make footprints on your best hunting or hiking trail. These boots are waterproof and will keep your feet dry and comfortable on any adventure you set out on.

The Men’s White Ledge Mid-Ankle Waterproof Boots from Timberland look great and can be worn with your favorite jeans, hiking gear, or with a t-shirt. The uppers on these boots are made with premium one-hundred percent leather with seam-sealed construction. The lacings are rust-proof with speed lace hardware that hooks at the top of the boot.

The solid rubber outsole on these boots will help you maintain balance and control with each step on any ground surface. They will provide you a positive experience through any weather you encounter while in the outdoors with their guaranteed waterproofing and padded collar.


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10. Waterproof Leather Hunting Boots – Irish Setter Men’s 860 Waterproof Elk Tracker 1000- Big Game Hunting Boot

The Irish Setter Men’s 860 Waterproof Elk Tracker 1000 is a heavy-duty pair of boots ready to go on a big-game hunting trip or take you to the job. These boots are fully insulated and waterproofed with Gore-Tex linings and 1000g Thinsulate by 3M.

You will appreciate the comfortable wear provided by the EVA Insole and ScentBan odor inhibitor. ScentBan is an exclusive Irish Setter scent control added to various styles of their boots. It helps to kill bacteria that cause odors in boots worn for any length of time. These boots give you a refreshed, warm, and dry experience in any weather condition.

The Elk Tracker Waterproof Boots 1000 have an aggressive Bulls-Eye rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs to give you optimal balance and control no matter what ground surface you walk on. They have attractive logo plaques at the shaft and full-grain waterproof laces. These boots are constructed from one-hundred percent leather.


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11. Leather Insulated Hunting Boots – Men’s 882 Elk Tracker Big Game Hunting Boot from Irish Setter- 600

The Men’s 882 Elk Tracker Big Game Hunting Boot from Irish Setter is constructed from premium work-grade leather. This boot will break in fast and give you a perfect fit, making it comfortable to wear on long hunting trips, a day at work, or when hiking through the woods. It includes sturdy cleats that will grab and hold any terrain, so you maintain balance and control in each step you take.

The Men’s 882 Elk Tracker Big Game Hunting Boots have a removable comfort EVA footbed made from memory foam, so each step you take has you sinking into comfort. These boots are waterproofed and insulated with 600g Thinsulate by 3M and include the exclusive feature by Irish Setter on ScentBan for odor control.


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Are All Hunting Boots the Same?

Before setting out to invest in a pair of hunting boots, there are few factors to consider to ensure you make the best possible choice. Hunting boots are outdoor footwear generally used for the sport of hunting. The different options range from sedentary, mild, or extreme hunting conditions depending mainly on the terrain you will be traveling through on foot. For this reason, the hunting boot should be heavy-duty and waterproof.

brown leather hunting boots

You will find most hunting boots are available in leather or rubber and will be available in multiple sizes and lengths. Some hunting boots can play a dual purpose by being both a hunting boot and fashion footwear. You want to choose the right boot to meet the type of activity you expect to perform while wearing them. There are different types of hunting boots to choose from that will meet the needs you expect from them:

High-country boots

High-Country Boots are ideal for hunting if you are going out onto steep and rough terrain. These are the best choice if you intend to climb or chase after wildlife.

Upland hunting boots

Upland hunting boots are recommended when you set off to chase birds as they are more lightweight and known for their comfortable wear. These boots will allow you to run faster and more safely.


Overboots are the choice if you are heading out on sedentary or inactive hunting. These typically feature super-protective insulation and will keep your feet warm even during super-cold weather conditions.

Multipurpose hunting boots

Multipurpose hunting boots are the most popular choice as they will serve multiple purposes and work well in most terrains. They work well for almost all hunting purposes, including upland and Big Game hunting events.

Top 3 Best Leather Hunting Boots