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Why Women Need The Best Women’s Insulated Hunting Boots

womens hunting shoes

Men and women are not created the same which is why women’s insulated hunting boots are made differently. A key factor in any successful hunting adventure for men or women is choosing the right type of gear, hunting boots being the most important.

Nothing can spoil a hunt quicker than cold, wet and sore feet, so make sure you take a step in the right direction by knowing what to look for in ideal hunting boots for women.

Things To Consider On Getting Best Womens Insulated Hunting Boots

Selecting by Terrain and Climate

When selecting hunting boots the two main things to consider should be terrain and climate which will dictate the type of boot needed. Most outdoor boots are waterproof and come in insulated or non-insulated styles.

No matter what the climate is in your area, changing weather is common during a hunting trip and you can never go wrong with insulated waterproof boots.

Before buying your boots, study the weather you will most likely encounter in the areas you intend to hunt in and research the temperatures and the land features in the terrain you will be traversing.

Muck Boot Arctic Hunter Extreme Conditions Boots

women's insulated waterproof hunting boots

Shaft measures approximately 15″ from arch

Boot opening measures approximately 16″ around

5 mm neoprene provides comfort and flexibility

  • Rocky and Mountainous Terrain

Rocky and uneven terrain will require boots with good ankle support, stiff soles for stability, padded tongue and collar for comfort, and a good lacing system for support. The best materials are leather uppers with rubber toe guards for protection from abrasions.

Best Mountain Hiking Boots Of Women – Kenetrek Insulated Boots

women's insulated waterproof hunting boots

  • Upland and Open Field Hunting

Lightweight boots with softer soles and less tread for traction can be used for flatter terrain hunting where miles of walking is involved. Good materials include lightweight leather or nylon uppers with breathable, waterproof liners and extra padding around the collar and tongue for comfort.

Best Upland Hunting Boots – Irish Setter 808 Boots

best womens insulated hunting boots

  • Lowland Hunting in Marshes and Swamps

Rubber or snake boots are required for wet, sloppy terrain. These are the tallest boots available with tops on women’s styles reaching up to 15-inches. They should fit snugly to avoid being pulled off in the mud, with side buckles or chinches at the top to seal out moisture. A definite plus is a removable footbed for quick drying overnight. Outer sole lugs or cleats are essential for good traction in the mud.

Best Durable Insulated Boots – TideWe Waterproof Boots

best hunting boots for women

Selecting by Weight

The majority of hunting boots can weight anything from 3 to 4 pounds and heavy insulated leather PAC boots can hit the scales at 5 pounds. A general rule to follow is to choose a non-insulated boot or one with light 200g insulation for active hunts in milder weather in early hunting seasons.

For less active, mid-season hunts in cooler weather a quality waterproof boot with 400 – 800 grams of insulation and linings that are breathable is required.

Heavily insulated, waterproof boots are essential for late season, stand-hunting in frigid weather conditions. These are the heaviest boots but they provide the warmth and dryness needed. Pac boots are the heaviest but they have cleated soles for great traction in ice or snow, removable liners and cuffs to keep out cold and snow. Insulation of 1,000 – 1,200 grams is needed for the coldest weather conditions in winter.

Irish Setter Women’s 2881 Vaprtrek

best women's hunting boots

Buying Women’s Insulated Hunting Boots

Women’s hunting boots are designed with a narrower width to fit the majority of women’s feet. The heel cups are trimmer than the forefoot width whereas men’s boots measure the same. Too much width will cause a lack of support and boots that don’t fit well will quickly cause blisters. Women commonly have colder feet than men and therefore they should wear well-insulated boots when hunting.


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